The Trio Behind Dessie

24 Oct

Dessie Girls Photo

Surprisingly, there’s just about as many high-end designer brands for children as there are adults. And, the market continues to grow, especially among the top designers who see the upward trend toward high-end children’s clothing lines.

And yet, many parents are unable to pay full retail for children’s designer clothing. Sure, the quality is excellent and there’s no denying the clothing is worth the price, however, kids grow like fertilized-weeds and most parents need the word “affordable” to be connected with clothing purchases.

Parents also need the word “easy.” Busy moms don’t have time to run from consignment shop to consignment shop with littles in tow, in search of the designer bargain find of the day.

Enter DessieKids.

In early 2014, Leslie, one of the daughters of the Dessie mother-daughter trio, had an idea. An avid online shopper for bargain designer fashions for herself, preferring the convenience of online shopping over the arduous task of taking a toddler-in-tow, Leslie wondered if there were similar online sites for upscale children’s clothing.

It wasn’t long before Myra, Leslie’s mom, and her sister, Rebecca, were scouring the internet, in search of such a site. Although there were a handful of similar sites, nothing seemed to be exactly what they had in mind. The trio began gathering their own, kitchen-table market research and birthed the idea of “DessieKids,”

The end result? is everything they dreamed of, and more. Analyzing everything from the consumer’s point of view, they’ve created a savvy online consignment option that offers ease of use, quality high-end clothing (true high-end brands in excellent condition) at affordable prices, accurate representation of clothing, and exceptional customer service. is a simple way to purchase upscale clothing, and a super simple way to resale.  By doing the work for the customer, Dessie takes the hassle out of local consignment sales and yard sales. Once a customer sends in their items to resale (in a pre-provided Dessie mailing pouch), they quickly receive a check or have the option to “bank” their money for future Dessie purchases. Talk about easy!

Coming from the perspective of mom, grandmother and doting aunt, Dessie understands the joy of finding an adorable piece of clothing at a great price, just as they understand the need for clothing to be in new or like-new condition. Customers who’ve bought and sold clothing with Dessie will attest to Dessie’s “never-let-you-down” standards.

Each day brings new customers who are thrilled with the prices and quality of the items they’ve purchased from Dessie. The goal? If you’re buying baby clothes today, Dessie plans to be right here, growing like crazy, able to offer you your “first-day-of-third-grade” clothes eight years from now.

About Leslie, Myra, and Rebecca

Leslie and Rebecca have great eyes for fashion and each bring upscale retail experience to the table, with past career experience at Express, Victoria’s Secret, J Crew and Coach. Myra has been a career graphic designer with years of marketing experience. And, last but not least, all three are University of Tennessee graduates with varied degrees that are a tailor-made match for the foundation of this new budding venture.

Dessie’s home base? Well, Tennessee of course. Myra and Leslie live in Kingsport, Tennessee, where all of the “action” within Dessie takes place. Rebecca lives in Franklin, Tennessee, where she has access to high-end kids clothing from the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin area.

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