Tips for Online Resale: How to know what’s acceptable

26 Feb

Tips for Online ResaleTips for Online Resale: How to know what’s acceptable.

When I was in college, I had a favorite blouse. I washed until it faded from red to pink, accidentally dripped bleach on it, and once I even tore the neck while putting it on.  At Dessie, we receive bags of clothing to resell on our website and, in most cases, the clothing is in excellent condition… but occasionally we come across something that reminds me of that old blouse.

We hate to turn down clothing, but we know our buying customers have high expectations, so because of that, we are picky.  We’ve reached many new customers, due in part to the New York Times article, “Get Paid to Organize Your Children’s Closets (and Yours)”, By KJ Dell’Antonia.  Our repeat sellers understand what is acceptable, but if you are new to reselling, here are a few tips to help you determine the condition of your clothing… ensuring you have a successful experience with Dessie:

1. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.  This one’s easy.  If you BOUGHT clothing from Dessie expecting excellent condition, would the clothing you are SELLING to Dessie live up to that?

2. Check the neck.  Fading and pilling is often most obvious around the neck.  If the neck or collar looks over-washed or faded, don’t send it in.

3. Look for tears and stains.  In infant attire, spit-up stains are common, but in older kids’ clothing, dirty knees and stained sleeves are problem areas.

4. Avoid frays and pilling. Those little balls and fuzz that form on clothing and loose, random threads are all signs of too much wash and wear.  Play clothes and PJ’s are common targets for this.

5. Review the “Sell” link on our website. We always emphasize to our new customers the importance of reading through the “Sell” link on our website before sending clothes to Dessie.  Accepted items, brands, and conditions are all discussed there.

We love to receive clothing your kids have outgrown and we really feel like we have a true “win-win” concept… you earn money and another parent saves money… while their child has the benefit of wearing upscale clothing at an affordable price.

Keep in mind these tips, contact us at if you have a question, and please, keep me from thinking about that worn out, faded old blouse!