What Sets Dessie Apart…

18 Aug

About us blog

When the three of us set out on this adventure, we knew, from our own shopping experiences, the direction we wanted to take Dessie, so we concentrated on 4 areas:

 1. Ease of use

We developed a website that is super easy to navigate.  Whether you shop online all the time or maybe  you are the type who would much rather just walk into a kid’s clothing store – shopping, searching and checking out has been created to be simple.

2. Quality of our clothing – Condition and Brands

We are PICKY about what we purchase to resell because we want you to be thrilled when you receive your shipments!  If the clothing isn’t in excellent condition, we don’t try to pass it along to our customers.  And, we are equally particular about the brands we sell. Dessie will only carry brands that are stylish, well-constructed and durable. For example, although Gap is one of our lower-end brands, kids will have a hard time wearing out the knees in a pair of Gap jeans!  And for boutique clothing, you do get what you pay for… the clothing is crafted with care and it shows. We will never pair different brands together to try and “get rid” of less expensive clothing either.

3. Accurate representation of our products

We take great pains to photograph our items as accurately as possible.  When we personally shop online, we want to rest assured that the colors and fabrics are true to sight, and we know you want that too.  We also take time to add written descriptions of our clothing in case there are any doubts in the way the items are constructed.  In the rare case that an item will have a flaw, we will always list that in the description and price it accordingly.

4. Customer Service/Southern Hospitality

Bottom line… We want you to be happy.

If you ever have a question, we can guarantee that we will quickly find a suitable solution for you.  Just email us at dessie@dessiekids.com and we will take care of any concern you may have.  Our team has had great past experiences in customer service and we strive to pass that along to you. We also try our best to ship your items on the day they are ordered via USPS Priority Mail so you can receive all your new adorable clothing quickly. With locations in Kingsport and Franklin, Tennessee, we are proud of our Southern roots and hope all of our customers will enjoy true Southern hospitality!

Without getting too sappy… we do want you to know that we genuinely appreciate every single one of our customers.  As we said in our first blog, “Our hope is to grow with you as your children grow.  If you are buying baby clothes today, we hope you will be buying ‘first day of third grade’ clothes from us eight years from now.”  Thank you and enjoy our site.

Submitted by Myra, Leslie, and Rebecca