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We have brands divided into two categories – HIGH and FINER. Brands that are in the HIGH category will be purchased by us according to the Dessie Purchasing Guidelines below. If you have items in the FINER category, just email us at, giving us a brief description of the brand and quality of your item and we will work with you to negotiate a purchase price.  Our general rule of thumb for purchasing FINER brands is that Dessie will pay you up to 30% of your original cost.  Again, that price is negotiable depending on the brand and condition.

Important: Please review the list of brands we do and do not accept. It’s nearly impossible to have every brand listed, but our lists will serve as a good starting point for most current popular brands. (Brands we acceptBrands we do not accept) This list also includes items not accepted (ex. bathing suits, shoes, underwear, etc.).

About “New With Tags”: We LOVE to recieve items that still have the orignial tags. For those items we will pay even more than what is listed below, as long as the items are in excellent shape.

Purchasing Guidelines

(Example: Gap, Gymboree, Crewcuts, Janie & Jack, etc.)

NB-24 mo 2T-4T 4-8
1. Dresses – Dressier $3-6 $4-7 $5-9
2. Dresses – Casual $3-5 $3-5 $4-6
3. Coats/Snowsuits $2-4 $3-5 $4-6
4. Sets $2-4 $2-4 $3-5
5. Sweaters/Jackets $2-4 $2-4 $3-5
6. Jumpers/Rompers $1-3 $1-3 $2-4
7. Pants/Leggings $1-3 $1-3 $2-4
8. Sleepwear $1-3 $1-3 $2-4
9. Shirts/Blouses $1-3 $1-3 $2-4
10. Shorts/Skirts $1-3 $1-3 $2-4
11. Onesies/Body Suits $1-3 $1-3

Sizing Made Simple

Dessie has simplified American and European clothing sizes into one chart.  If you have a question about your child’s size, just review our sizing chart for the closest estimate based on height and weight.


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