Making That Dreaded Semi-Annual Closet Swap Less Painful

08 Apr

Spring bannerOK, the Dessie team has a little confession to make, we all suffer from some degree of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and maybe because of that, we go overboard celebrating at the first sign of Spring.  Our renewed energy is in overdrive.  We wanna go to the park, eat lunch outdoors, walk our dog on long walks and — swap out our closets?

Yes, it’s that little chore that comes with the change of seasons where you swap out the dark, drab sweaters and long-sleeve shirts with light, bright Spring clothes.  The only real problem is that as soon as we move our winter clothes out, we will be digging for wool as one of those “winters” ruins our little party.  (Dogwood, blackberry, or redbud … In the South we know there are 3 or 4 different winters, we just can’t remember which comes first.)

To make this little endeavor less painful, we look at it as an opportunity to do some good. We do the same thing with our clothes that can be done with kid’s clothes. In fact, the whole family can get into the act.

Just make four designated stacks:

Stack 1 – Looks good, fits great, will be excited to pull it out next year … Save!

Stack 2 – Once a favorite but has paid it’s dues.  Stained or torn.  Will never make it through another season … Trash!

Stack 3 – A little over-washed and faded.  Maybe fit better a couple of years ago … Donate!

Stack 4 – Impulse buy or gift.  Special occasion, worn once. Too nice to donate, but realistically won’t be worn again … Sell!

There are several ways adults can earn cash for their clothes but we, at Dessie, concentrate on making it easy for you to earn money for your kid’s clothing.  Just take Stack 4 and request a bag from us.  Send us your kid’s new or lightly-worn clothing and we will buy them from you … you don’t even have to wait for your items to sell.

OK, now hit the closets… and those sequined shorts that still have the tags … maybe it’s time to let ‘em go.

Enjoy Spring!