Is there a size chart for my child’s clothes?

Manufacturers vary in their size descriptions, and to complicate things, European sizes are based on height rather than age. We have tried to simplify this for you on our Sizing Chart.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy. If you order an item that isn’t what you expected, you can receive a full refund within 30 days of the date you received the item. Just email us at dessie@dessiekids.com and we will give you instructions on how to return your clothing.

How do you assign a selling price to each item?

We research the MSRP’s of each item based on similar items sold through all the many different avenues, including online stores, boutiques, department stores, etc.  From that point we then research the current sale prices of those items on all the various resale sites, including online stores and social media.  We try to be as accurate and competitive as possible in determining the value of our clothing.

Why don’t you assign the condition of the clothing with each listing?  (ex. EUC, VGUC, etc.)

For our pre-owned clothing, we only purchase items that are in excellent condition to pass along to you. We have, in rare cases, purchased items that we later found to have a slight flaw and in those cases we mention that in the description and price the item accordingly. We have lots of “New With Tags” clothing and we always mention that in the listing for customers who enjoy searching for clothing that has not been previously worn.

How long can I keep items in my shopping cart?

We want to be fair to all of our shoppers, so after 2 hours, if you have not purchased the items in your cart, they will be placed back in our store.

How did you determine the prices for your Purchasing Guidelines?

By researching consignment sales across the country, we were able to determine a range of suggested pricing for each item group. From there, we deducted 30%, which is the usual consignment fee, to arrive at the amount you would likely clear if consigning your clothing. The range takes into consideration the brand and the condition of the items.

Do you accept clothing out of season?

YES! As long as your clothing meets our Purchasing Guidelines we will accept all seasons — all year long.

When can I expect to receive an email detailing the items I sent to Dessie?

After we have received your shipment and had the opportunity to review your items, we will send you an email as promptly as possible. Check your inbox and SPAM folder for our notifications and if, after 3 weeks, you still have not heard from us contact dessie@dessiekids.com and we will be happy to help.

I thought all the items I sent you were fine. Why weren’t some of them accepted?

The best starting point is to familiarize yourself with our Purchasing Guidelines. Even after you have carefully checked over your clothing, we will still occasionally find stains, small tears, or signs of fading and too much wear. As a good rule of thumb, please send only the items you would be THRILLED to receive from Dessie. If you don’t want soiled, faded, smelly, or poor quality items, please be considerate… don’t attempt to pass them off to someone else and don’t be surprised if we turn them down.

I have perfectly fine Carter’s and Gymboree clothing. Why won’t you accept them?

Since our customers are looking for upscale and authentic designer clothing for children, we want to stay true to our brand and focus only on higher-end clothes. It’s another way Dessie works to streamline the shopping experience for our customers.

Why shouldn’t I just sell my items in a local consignment sale?

Dessie appreciates all the different ways children’s clothing can be recycled. In fact, we like consignment sales and shop them ourselves, but sometimes it’s just simpler to use our process. If you factor in the 30-35% cut, consignment fees, travel, and other miscellaneous expenses (labels, notecards, pins, etc.) our system generally pays you the same amount or more — and we do most of the work for you!

If you don’t buy the clothing I send, what do you do with it?

We have very high standards for the clothing we place on our site. Clothing that does not meet our guidelines can be either returned back to you for a flat $10 return fee or you can choose to have your items donated to a children’s charity of Dessie’s choice.  We do not seek compensation or tax deductions for these donations. We always encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Purchasing Guidelines before you send us your items.

If I send a brand of clothing that falls into your Finer category and you don’t accept them, do you still donate those items to charity?

If the clothing you send us is in excellent condition, it would be highly unlikely that we would not accept items listed in our Finer category.  In the remote chance that we did receive one of the higher-end boutique or designer brands and upon inspection found that it was not in acceptable condition, you would have the option of having those items returned back to you for a flat $10 return fee or donated to a children’s charity.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Currently we are only shipping in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, but as we grow we hope to expand globally.