When You Don’t Have Time To Consign

08 Jul

When you don't have time to consign

Can you believe it’s time again to think about the consignment season?  Didn’t we just do this?

We Dessie girls have personally shopped and sold at consignment events and some have been fun and worthwhile, but I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that they do take time and money.

At the last consignment sale we participated in — after we purchased the labels, index cards, and safety pins; tracked down all available hangers; printed the labels; logged our items; pinned the clothing and cards; paid the fee to participate; delivered and stocked our own clothing — well, it left us wondering if the small amount of money we cleared was worth the trouble.  Hmmmmm.

Making the Dessie experience as easy and pleasant as possible is our top priority.  Our customers begin by requesting a bag, filling it up, telling us the weight, and then we send them a shipping label… all at no cost.  It’s simple.  After our eagle-eye team reviews the items, we offer a price and pay for the clothing right away without waiting for it to sell.  Clothing that doesn’t make the cut is donated to a deserving non-profit agency, or the items can be shipped back to the seller for a flat $5 fee.

But we will tell ya … we are PICKY!  We only accept new or like-new upscale, designer, and boutique clothing because we want our buyers will be thrilled with the clothing they purchase from Dessie.

If you don’t have time to consign, think about selling to Dessie.  Check out our Sell page and familiarize yourself with brands and items we do and do not accept.  We are always happy to help. Visit our FAQs where several previous questions have been addressed or email us at dessie@dessiekids.com.  We look forward to working with you!

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