The Dessie Team’s Top 10 Gift Picks

02 Dec

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The Dessie Team’s Top 10 Gift Picks

A resale site probably isn’t your first choice for Christmas shopping… we get that.  But what you may not know is that we have SO MANY items that have never been worn, still have the original tags on them, or in some cases, are new but the tags have been taken off. Since those items make the best Christmas gifts we have a convenient “New With Tags” link.

Because we are a small business, rather than a gigantic warehouse, we have personally seen and felt every single item we have for sell. To help give you a jump on your shopping, we reviewed our site and compiled a list of our top 10 personal favorites.  Some are brand new, some have been lightly worn, but all are in excellent condition.  Boys and girls, all ages.  Here goes…

1. Emile Et Rose – “Every piece of this family-owned British brand is thoughtfully designed, and the quality shows.  Adorable, classic clothing.”

2. Stem Reversible Bodysuit – “As a mom, I love the versatility of this.  A breeze to change, and super soft.”

3. Room Seven – “The cutest dresses and tops! Made in the Netherlands, this high-end, boutique brand has it’s own, very unique look.”

4. Bellini Shawl – “Such a cool piece for a little hipster! Soft, easy to wear, and goes with everything.”

5. Gap Puffer Vest – “This just says ‘all boy’.  A simple, timeless staple.”

6. The North Face Reversible Jacket – “Super warm with the benefit of having two jackets in one.  The whole family can now wear North Face.”

7. Splendid – “Anything by Splendid is the softest piece of clothing in the house.  So perfect and comfortable for my little one.”

8. Nellystella – “Trendy and feminine with such great attention to detail.  I’d love to have this same dress in a mom’s size 6!”

9. Brooks Brothers Dress Shirt – “There’s just something about a little boy, all dressed up… even down to cuff links.  Too cute!”

10. Calvin Klein Dress – “A great baby girl gift.  The pink gingham bloomers just make it.”

If you’ve got your Christmas list locked up and are looking for holiday attire to fit your child, just search the word “Holiday” and you will quickly be linked to classic Christmas clothing.

2016 has been a great year for Dessie and we are genuinely thankful for you, our customers. Merry Christmas and we wish you the best for 2017!